Consult us what do you want to have refurbished, or painted or constructed for your house or local etc.


We send you a free quotation about what you would liked to refurbished, installed or painted for your property or local.


We are specialized in all kinds of refurbishing , from tiling terrazes until complete bathroom and kitchen make overs. And as well dekkings of wood.Check our images!


We are as well specialized in different types of painting and spraying . Different kinds of aluminium, grills, woodwork, dry walls and outside walls. From repairing untill plastering work.


We have qualified and licensed, trained personal, for all kinds off plumbing jobs, electric jobs, like changing gas boilers (we work with REPSOL technicians), electric boilers, fuse boxes, complete installations, and installations of airconditioners, until complete solar panel installations. Don't hesitate for a quote or just information, where here to help.